Introducing Innovus Unicolours, Innovus MFC is a decorative wood particleboard panel with a melamine surface for indoor use. Colour is everywhere. It can express moods and thoughts and can add a finishing touch to any space. Choose the colour that best matches your ideas and let your project speak for itself. Innovus Unicolours will enhance the beauty and creativity of your spaces. Make your project unique with the touch of a new exclusive finish.

Danube Building Materials are proud to be an authorized seller of Innovus products across GCC countries like Dubai, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait.

Prepare to meet the most innovative decorative proposals from Woods, Fantasies, and Unicolours. With the new Innovus collection, you will find the right color, the perfect design, and the ideal surface.

Innovus is a leading manufacturer of Innovus Unicolours along with other MFC decorative panels.

Design & Use:

Furthermore, the Innovus MFC decorative panel offers a perfect balance of functionality and aesthetics, with its scratch and stain-resistant, resin-impregnated printed paper surface applied to wood-based panels. Moreover, it meets all regulatory requirements, ensuring safety and environmental sustainability. Additionally, with the option to add features like fire and moisture resistance, it is versatile and suitable for a variety of projects. Overall, the Innovus MFC decorative panel is a high-quality, reliable choice for indoor use.

With its focus on innovation and design, the Innovus collection presents a range of contemporary decors, new finishes, and unique colors. Additionally, keeping in mind the latest trends and exclusive developments, it offers an integrated decorative solution for a diverse audience. Furthermore, drawing inspiration from everyday life, it provides solutions for various needs and projects. Ultimately, discover your perfect match with Innovus.

Our Mission:

Our goal is to enhance lives through innovative wood-based solutions. By focusing on design and quality, we aim to bring our products to the next level for the furniture and interior design industries. Our developments consider industrial, functional, and design elements, resulting in versatile, value-added solutions. Explore our range of decorative options to find the perfect color, finish, and pattern for your projects.

Innovus matching life.